Broken People

I have been broken. I used to think due to my past selfish choices, I would be permenantly excluded from the ministry. Then I took a closer examination of the Bible. Beginning to the end of God’s Word, the Lord uses broken people in the ministry. 

Moses and Peter were these broken people. Before they were born, God knew what they would do(good and bad) and He would supernaturally empowered them.  During their ministries they had moments of weakness.  Yet, the Lord still used them. Moses had his temper tantrums. Peter dealt with racist tendencies.  When they did act out in the flesh, they repented. Restoration occurrs. In the Spirit’s help, they pressed forward in the ministry direction as the Lord led.

Dependence on the Lord is an act of humility. It reveals brokeness. I realize my moment by moment need of His help. Then here is the kicker…God desires broken humble people for the ministry.   

Proverbs 16:18(MSG)

“First pride, then the crash-the bigger the ego, the harder the fall.” 

God has issues when it comes to any pride in my life. Being in the ministry has to do with bringing God the glory, not I. God created me, He knows me more than I know myself. He knows I need him even when I do not verbalize the need.  

My brokeness shows others God will use them in ministry. We look beyond the false mindset of having to be perfect before God can use us. God uses us at any point in life. God will make the adjustments and give us the gifts to be used by him. 

Broken humility can accomplish more for Jesus. Broken humility gives others hope. Broken humility opens our spirit for Holy Spirit power.  Broken humility opens the door for evangelism. Broken humility shows realistic living to those striving for unattainable idealistic living expecations. Broken humility represents Jesus to a world clueless about real faith in Jesus.


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